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William R. Patterson is CEO of The Baron Solution Group, an industry leading wealth and business coaching firm and Top 100 MBE®. He is a four-time award-winning lecturer, international bestselling author and financial media expert.


12 Powerful Lessons to Help You
Build Wealth and Achieve Your Financial Goals Faster
Lesson #1: Adopting Millionaire Success Habits
Discover the mindset and investment approaches of the wealthiest investors and entrepreneurs. Learn what wealthy people do differently and how you can profit by adjusting your mindset, habits and financial practices.
Lesson #2: Increasing Your Financial Literacy
Increase your confidence and financial intelligence by learning to read financial statements. Discover how to track your progress and assess the risk and profitability of your investments.
Lesson #3: Living Debt Free
Learn how to become debt free, excluding your mortgage, in 3-7 years. Discover the strategies and mindset needed to accelerate debt reduction and build a stronger credit profile.
Lesson #4: Show Me the Money!
Learn how to properly budget and build up your cash reserve. Discover how to find $600 – $5,000 to save, invest or start a business. Also, learn where to find the highest interest bearing accounts in the country to keep your cash.
Lesson #5: Increasing Your Income
Discover simple strategies that can help you quickly increase your income and savings with less effort. Learn about the different types of income that exist and which types of income you should work hard to acquire.
Lesson #6: Reaching Your Investment Goals
Learn how to create and implement an investment plan for reaching your financial goals. Learn how to estimate how much money you will need to invest monthly to reach any savings goal.
Lesson #7: Building Wealth with Real Estate
Real Estate if purchased and managed correctly is one of the ultimate investments. Learn specific steps and resources to buy your first home or investment property.
Lesson #8: Wealth Through Business (Part I)
Learn strategies for building wealth through a small business. Discover best practices for quickly launching your business, finding customers, attracting funding and generating multiple streams of income.
Lesson #9: Wealth Through Business (Part II)
Learn advanced strategies for accelerated business growth. Discover the best ways to market your business and finance expansion. Learn how to optimize your business activities to boost productivity, income and cash flow.
Lesson #10: Preserving Your Wealth
Learn how to use asset protection, estate planning and insurance vehicles to protect, preserve and create wealth. Discover ways to get help with your financial plans and how to choose the best professional advisors.
Lesson #11: Setting Your Child Up to Be a Millionaire
Learn the core skills your children need to know to become successful entrepreneurs and investors. Discover the pros and cons of various youth saving and investing strategies and vehicles.
Lesson #12: The Joy and Benefits of Giving
Discover how to choose the right organizations to donate to based on your personal values and the impact of your donations. Learn more about the many ways to give and the tax advantages and other benefits of giving.

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